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Rae Allina

One year ago, I stood in front of a room full of my peers at LimeLife by Alcone’s Executive  Leadership Retreat and shared a vision  of how we could use our makeup removing wipes to partner with an anti trafficking organization that does intervention outreach at hotels. Our CEO’S asked us to pitch our best ideas to them to incorporate at a company wide level and  allowed us to be involved in the planning. I was excited to help shape the future of the company but CALLED to my personal mission more than ever which was to show trauma survivors that their worth comes from God and that they can live unashamed. 
This cause grew increasingly more important to me when I realized that 85% of survivors of sexual trauma are the most at risk for trafficking. The “at risk” girl was me and I wanted to find a way to help raise awareness and be involved! The connection between trauma and trafficking are synonymous. I had to do something and was advocating in any way I could.
When my CEO denied my plan a couple months later in an email, I was disappointed but also hopeful because I believe that when one door shuts another door opens!  I’ve learned that rejections are redirections. 
I have always had a deep desire to make an impact through my business in a way that both glorified God and used the talents He has given me but was not sure how.
When shutdowns began in March of this year due to covid, I needed an outlet outside of work and began experimenting with styling. I have always loved fashion and it goes hand in hand with makeup artistry (my professional  background for 15 + years). I stumbled upon a clothing line while looking for a gift that caught my attention – all proceeds raises awareness around human trafficking and supports the rehabilitation of survivors. It was the sign from above I needed to stay on course with my mission.

That same week, I learned about Invisawear’s trackable jewelry and thought to myself, how incredible would it be to launch a boutique that could educate and equip others about safety/prevention, intervention and rehabilitation of survivors? The trackable accessories weren’t designed with this thought in mind, but I made a connection that it could both provide a sense of safety to trauma survivors and also can be used as a trafficking prevention.  This is how the Worthy Girl Boutique came about! My personal mission to help survivors partnered with my expertise in beauty and passion for fashion. Every purchase is making a huge impact to support nonprofits, at risk women, survivors, and raising funds for the Worthy Girl nonprofit which will specifically support survivors of sexual trauma with tools for healing and recovery!

“My hope is that together we can make a huge movement & change lives!”

Worthy Girl Nonprofit

Did you know that 85% of those who are sex trafficked have had a history of sexual abuse?

As a survivor of sexual trauma I found this statistic alarming. I reflected on the ways that trauma impacted me not only physically but emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I had many low points in my youth especially where I was at high risk for being trafficked. 

The most common way sex trafficking happens is through manipulation and coercion, especially through the internet.  When you don’t feel worthy of love or valued, which is a very common effect of trauma, it can make you susceptible to accepting less than you deserve and make you vulnerable to predators. 

This connection between knowing your worth and value is an inside job and the the gateway to freedom.  The Worthy Girl nonprofit is a source that can provide youth and adult survivors of sexual trauma with the tools and resources to heal.

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Worthy Girl Boutique

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